How to produce professional Facebook video ad in 40 minutes

By April 26, 2019 3 Comments
  1. Get an account on MotionArray
  2. Get free trial of Adobe Premier Pro
  3. Copy all your static assets like images and logos in highest resolution to a folder.
  4. Pick a template from MotionArray that matches your brand, for example I picked this one for Lists4Trello video –
  5. If you ever worked with Premier, Final Cut or iMovie just follow the instructions in the download folder from MotionArray, if have no idea how Premier works it makes sense to check first 4-6 of intro videos on Adobe website
  6. Following the layer names in the MotionArray template replace their stock texts  and images with the ones from your assets folder.
  7. Go to File -> Export Media and just export not changing any settings.
  8. Add the video to your Facebook ad and enjoy 😀

Check out my video that I did following the same exact process and how use in my ads and on my facebook page, be sure to remove stock music track, I just used one of my music experiments




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